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A little about moi…

Photography by Melanie Gillis

Photography by Melanie Gillis

Born in the heart of Paris, France in 1979, and hailing from a lengthy and quite varied background in both the Arts and Entertainment industry since 1995, I have always maintained a strong  focus on art, graphic design, photography, DJing, event coordination, instruction, as well as a lengthy  background in television and film production. Life's too short to stick to one thing - so I do what I love and I'll do it to death. 


I am continually inspired by graphic design, typography, surrealism, pop art, tattoo design, street art, comedy, indigenous cultures, and elements of the world that surrounds us. I like to remix popular elements and flip them on themselves to create something humorous and delightful. I am often influenced by tattoo artists, pop culture, street art, local chefs, comedians, cultural paradigms, graphic design, and typography from around the world. I obsessively hunt for new influences on a regular basis to keep building on ideas or create fresh new designs. 

The products that I create or design are mostly geared towards making your environment just a little bit radder, at a reasonable cost. Whether it’s apparel, accessories, skateboards, art or home decor – there’s something fun and creative for everyone to identify with, and kind of pushes back against the cookie-cutter world as a rejection of the commercially mass-produced. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT WHAT'S NEW IN THE SHOP!



I’ve been featured in RAW Press Magazine!

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Photos by L.A. West - Eyeglass collection showcased by Advanced Vision.